"The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire." -F. Foch

UCLA's Undergraduate Research Week, May 2019

Hi there! I’ve never been great at introductions but here it goes…

I go by Rose Mejia but my real name is Rosalva. Rosalva Mejia Jauregui. Most people get intimidated by the Spanish “r” so I like saving them the effort. I was born and raised in South…

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It’s been a little over six months since I lost my dad. That first week when he passed, my expectations of what processing the loss would look like were very different from my actual experience. I believed that I would fall into some kind of depression and potentially want to…

Personal Improvement

It’s often the conflicts that can be overlooked that pile up and later crumble a relationship.

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Recently I discussed with my mom how many couples we know are having trouble with their relationships. At the end of our conversation, we came up with two possible conclusions. I proposed that perhaps there are expectations being set that are not being communicated between the partners, or are no…

..…are felt by all individuals around the world who are very different but yet so alike to you.

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I remember when I was younger, around 12 or 13 years of age, I started to experience depressive symptoms. I had already spent most of my life anxious, often waking up at night from intense nervousness and daunting nightmares. But this new experience was draining and often left me feeling…

Rose Mejia

Striving to be a holistic psychologist & writer. Advocate for health, wellness, and well-being. Support my journey: https://rose-mejia1998.medium.com/membership

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