"The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire." -F. Foch

UCLA's Undergraduate Research Week, May 2019

Hi there! I’ve never been great at introductions but here it goes…

I go by Rose Mejia but my real name is Rosalva. Rosalva Mejia Jauregui. Most people get intimidated by the Spanish “r” so I like saving them the effort. I was born and raised in South…

If we do not ever feel lost, then we are doing something wrong.

Photo by Jacob Dyer on Unsplash

A Sense of “Lostness”

I remember a few years back I often would feel distressed whenever I subjectively felt lost in life or didn’t know what direction to take. This would often follow with chronic indecision and frustration. Now looking back, I believe that a lot of the distress I felt was due to…

To be the fire that keeps you warm when the metaphorical freezing darkness settles.

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Almost three years ago, my dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Initially, I remember using school and work as active distractors to help me cope with the new stressors that arose following my dad’s diagnosis. After I earned my undergraduate degree, I decided to take a year off before continuing…

My parents at the time were not actually sure if what I was going through had a real solution.

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Growing up as a kid, I was taken care of by multiple caretakers that lived in my neighborhood. The first was a very elderly lady who took care of me from age two until I was about seven years old when medical complications began to impede her ability to watch…

And what it means to be unhealthy.

Photo by Puwadon Sang-ngern from Pexels

Through this era in learning about optimization and understanding aging, there’s been a strong emphasis on defining what it means to be healthy and improving one’s overall health. According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, health is simply defined as having the absence of a disease or illness. However, this dichotomous definition limits…

While some indecision is normal and good, it may be an underlying sign of something else.

Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash

I wanted to bring awareness to indecision because it’s a symptom of anxiety that I (and many others) sometimes experience.

Even after making a decision, days later, I’ll find myself having a mental battle between which choice I should have chosen and what I ended up choosing.

Sometimes the choice…

Rose Mejia

Striving to be a holistic psychologist & writer. Advocate for health, wellness, and well-being. Support my journey: https://rose-mejia1998.medium.com/membership

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