More than just a Dream

The will to live is a very strong force, and sometimes dreams are more than just a dream.

Photo by Agustín Ljósmyndun on Unsplash

My dad was in the midst of what would become the most difficult time of his life. He had just been released after a week of hospitalization. There was a lot of muscle loss from being completely bed ridden for a couple of days. There was also nerve damage due to being paralyzed completely on the left side of his body. He had to relearn how to walk. His cancer diagnosis had struck him mentally and emotionally. His heart was filled with a bad shot of grief. He had already started his radiation treatment and was a few days from starting immunotherapy.

I always visited my parents on the weekends. One night, while they were in bed talking together, I went to tell them goodnight. We always gave each other our blessing through the sign of the cross whenever we were in person. Even though I no longer considered myself religious, I still did it every night. We were silent when my dad started telling us about a dream he had the night before…

I was walking down a dirt path at my parent’s ranch in Mexico. The path was completely surrounded by beautiful white alcatraz flowers. From a distance I could see a man in all white. In the background there was a soft melody playing. The man was elderly, dancing and singing as he slowly approached me.

The elderly man picked three alcatraz flowers from the large flower patch. When he finally got close, he offered me the three flowers. When the man lifted his face I saw that it was my own father looking right into his eyes with a soft smile.

That’s when my dad woke up. By this point my dad’s voice cracked and tears were falling down his face. He had lost his father about 15 years prior from Alzheimer’s disease.

He insisted for us to tell him what we thought the dream meant. My mom and I came to the same conclusion; it was a sign of life. My mom added that perhaps each flower represented one of my dad’s children: Rodrigo, Rodolfo, and I. She believed that each of us would bring something that would contribute to him being able to survive longer than pragnosed.

Perhaps we had interpreted the dream in a hopeful manner. Perhaps out of our own fear, we were looking for a comforting sign that everything would be okay. However, given my dad’s condition, he has been fighting the cancer longer than the doctors expected. Most patients with Stage IV Kidney Cancer that had spread to large organs like the lungs and brain, just like my father’s case, typically don’t survive longer than three-six months after their diagnosis. It’s been over a year now since he was diagnosed. He still walks, gardens, and cracks jokes. He tries to enjoy the little things the best he can. Of course the dream wasn’t a certain sign that he was going to last with us this far, but perhaps my father was looking for hope that he would live. It seems that he found what he was searching for.

The will to live is a very strong force, and sometimes dreams are more than just a dream.

Written on June 28, 2020. Final edits on July 5, 2020.



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